Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Day and On Call

I am at the Resident's Call Room on the hospital floor I am assigned to. It is 30 minutes before midnight. It's the first day of Pre-Residency and, whaddya know, I am on call. I had a hunch it would happen. My resident-buddy and I have finished rounding on our admissions and we've decided to rest for the night, hence the stay at the call room. I now find myself totally engrossed reading about Coronary Artery Disease. I missed hospital work so much that even the idea of having to read 4 chapters of Harrisons (the IM "Bible") sort of excites me. Yes, I am geeky that way.

I'm sure future entries on this blog won't always be this, umm, happy. But allow me just this once to bask in the newness of my situation and the positive anticipation for the adventures about to come my way.
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  1. Day one down, day two to go. Can't wait to hear more. Hopefully there will be plenty more of these "happy" posts, however! I mean, this IS what you are choosing to do with your life! lol.